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Seasonal Plants to add to Your Landscape

The holidays are quickly approaching and just like you many are wondering how they are going to spruce up their landscape before the holiday season. Many people are wanting to be festive with their landscape, but are not quite sure on what to plant and how to properly care for them. We are going to cover some seasonal plants that are great options for your home just in time for the holidays.

Chrysanthemums are also known as mums!

Mums are a great fall plant to add to your landscape during this time of year. Most homeowners tend to put their flowering mums in pots and keep them on the porch, but they also can be planted. To keep these mums looking fresh, it is best to keep them in full sun, or minimum of 6 hours a day and keep them watered. It is best to water them daily as they do quickly wilt if not given enough water. It is best to keep mums in soil that drains well as they have small roots. There are many color options as mums can give your landscape that nice bright pop during this time of year.

Seasonal plants
Seasonal Plants

Limitless options of Petunias!

Petunias are a popular annual option to plant in your flower beds at this time of year. With many color options, your landscape can be designed perfectly with petunias. It is best to plant petunias in the full sun as not enough sun will not let them bloom. These plants also love the heat, but not so much of the humidity. As for Central Florida, the humidity gets lower, but is still relatively hot. There are a ton of different kinds of petunias to choose from, if you're looking for recommendations on what kind of petunias to plant, get in touch today.

As the seasons change, so can your landscape. Scott, our landscape manager, has the knowledge and expertise to help craft a beautiful seasonal landscape just in time for the holidays. Need to schedule a free quote? Get in touch today with TWQ!

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